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well since you're somehow reading this I will dedicate a post to you.

You ran and ran and ran in another direction,
far away from me, and I felt abandoned,
like you felt abandoned by me at that time.
Truth is, I never went away, I never left you anywhere
but close to me like always.
I still feel you, like you said you still feel me.
And then there's her, the girl I really like, but you i love..
I keep coming back to you, in my thoughts I mean.
and that's tough... and what about you?
do you really love her?
are you happy?
more happy than ever before?

* * *
* * *
On Февраль, 2, 2006 07:21 (UTC), (Анонимно) commented:
oooohhhh ani difranco! ani difranco! ani difranco! :D
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On Февраль, 2, 2006 07:23 (UTC), sterrenmeisje replied:
yesss ani is cool :D
and who are you darling?
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