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My housemate has lost his mind.
I try to be very serious about this delicate subject but he has convinced himself that he is Jesus. 
I could be Mary Magdalene, which is nice I think.
We called the psychiatric hospital, he's definitely in a drug psychosis, the one where he says he's turned inside out and his arms are growing. Where I am becoming liquid and we are connected. Where he is Jesus and his best friend is Joseph. Where I am Mary M, and my dad is just my dad, thank god. We called the hospital last night, he convinced them he was fine. They let him go. He's fine now, after his hour of madness. Watching the simpsons on his bed. He doesn't realise that he's not well..
Atleast they're on their way, once again.


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On Апрель, 8, 2007 19:57 (UTC), jagged_little_p commented:

Uh. This sounds.. really.. critical.
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On Апрель, 11, 2007 15:51 (UTC), sterrenmeisje replied:
what do you mean precisely? Critical of me? or a critical situation?
Both are correct actually..
I don't understand how someone who's kicking a habit (drug abuse) can convince a doctor that he's fine...
He's still at home, he convinced his mom and she let him stay... People can be such morons.. All he wants to do is use and use and use.. And that's exactly what he's doing right now.. But if he doesn't want to change, I am not going to force him.. Hit rock bottom, some people need to before they learn. If he gets psychotic again, I'm not calling the doctors..
On Апрель, 11, 2007 21:32 (UTC), jagged_little_p replied:
Ah, I didn't think you could take it that way.. ; ) No, I meant it sounds like a critical situation, not that I think you've been too critical and are treating him unfair or something like that.

How are you, besides what's going on? Still studying? ... not touring with our lovies in .. haha.. America this summer? : )
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On Апрель, 11, 2007 22:33 (UTC), sterrenmeisje replied:
No I don't think they have a brigade this true colors tour.. it's a festival thing. How are you? Long time no see.. any pictures of the concert we met? (I'm not sure if I have already asked you this before)
Still have the carrot? we should've vernished it..

On Апрель, 15, 2007 01:24 (UTC), jagged_little_p replied:
Due to unforunate and (totally) unforseen events (like: the carrot rotting away in my sister's fridge) I'm no more in posession of the very same. What a pity. But I won't ever forget it - as it has ruined my pen and Brian's autograph is barely visible on the cd cover. BUT I know it's there. And I still can recall his look when I told him that the pen wasn't working because people signed a carrot with it. höhö.
I'm quite fine, Monday university starts once more (having had easter holidays) and yeah.. it's so typical: at the end of the holidays you get used to it. The first 10 days I was bored to death, and now I find a thousand things to do. Hm. Let's blame the good weather for the none-university-mood.
There are pictures, let me recall where I can find them.. I can remember.. argh. I even know that the flyer they gave me was orange, but.. I will try to find them. I know there are some.. mostly of the people in the hall before the gig started.. hm. http://www.4u2.at/gallerypics.aspx?gallery=1640 I knew I had it somewhere! Haha.
And I love Thomas' weirdweirdweird looks. He really IS like any weird farmer from Texas. As least.. he looks like it. Aww.
I was at a Scissor Sisters concert a week ago and I wasn't too pleased as the sound of the location wasn't too fine.. and after the show I thought that, once more, I really really needed a Dresden Dolls show, because those concerts are pure "wow"-ness and worth every price. Ah. Nearly every..
(So, that's me blabbering in the middle of the night. xD I'm sorry.. hehe..)
As I'm curious: Why's you layout and the menu held in cyrillic letters? *g*
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