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computer up and running

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so I finally got my computer up and running again... yay!
Spent a total of 9 hours on this fucking piece of shit excuse of a computer and it can now start windows, AIM, IE and I'm a happy girl!
After formatting, reinstalling, formatting, disc failures, data errors and more formatting and reinstalling I have finally done it!


I was on german tv! yay! they used me in a little promo on the german channel arte for a long blondes/music special and they showed me dancing around the venue and I was pretty surprised they used close ups of my face especially considering the state I was in (I remember that night, drunk, ankle fucked, missed the last u-bahn and ended up in a hospital the next day)..

oh and by the way, Sar, Marie, Emilie, Wish, Jaya, Tim... I miss you guys!!

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On Март, 27, 2007 21:46 (UTC), frozenprncss commented:
Miss you, too! And yay about your computer
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On Март, 28, 2007 14:18 (UTC), sterrenmeisje commented:
little update
sound is still not working.. may need to format yet AGAIN.. hopefully I will not encounter the same problems I encountered yesterday.. because I cannot deal with another 14 hours (yesss after writing this blog I spent another 5 hours trying to fix my soundcard) Computers can be evil! I'm sure mine is...
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